What is salvation?

Salvation is...

...deliverance from the penalty, pollution and power of sin. It is eternally more important than being saved from fire, deep water, illness or loneliness.

What is sin?

Sin is...

...any thought, word, or deed that either violates or falls short of complete conformity to God's holy laws. In short, Jesus taught that sin is anything that doesn't reflect selfless love for God and others.

What has God done to provide salvation?

He became...

...a member of the human race in the person of Jesus Christ, lived sinlessly as our substitute to fulfill God's righteous demands, suffered and died on the cross to bear the penalty for our sins, and rose from the grave to break the power of death and defeat Satan. In other words, He accepted full responsibility to pay the price for the consequences of our sins.

What is repentance?

Repentance is...

...that change of attitude about one's self, one's sin, and God, which involves the whole personality - mind, emotions and will. In varying degrees, it always accompanies true faith. Sorrow for sin often accompanies it and helps give evidence that genuine repentance has occurred.

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